Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs

The Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs is a political organization founded in 1960 in response to the White Paper Proposal. The purpose of this organization is to give aboriginal people a voice that can be heard. To achieve this, education is key. Educating people gives them the power to confidently have opinions and input on pressing issues.
“Another major principle behind our organization is the belief that knowledge is power. We are dedicated to information-sharing as well as to the fostering of fundamental and necessary research skills for Indian people in the province.” (UBCIC)
The main intent of this organization is to avoid the loss of Aboriginal Title. To effectively do this, they must hold government officials accountable to their promises.
One of the points on the UBCIC website that resonates with me, is “To continue to defend our Aboriginal Title through the revival of our way of life (political, social, economic, and spiritual.)” (UBCIC)
This is important, as it is the preservation of the culture that could potentially lead to decolonization.

“About UBCIC.” UBCIC. Web. 1 Nov. 2015.


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