Treaty Rights and Rights to Land

The Kinder Morgan Pipeline is an excellent example of the violation of Treaty rights and rights to Land, while posing threats to the right to subsistence resources depending on the damage done to the environment during construction of the pipeline.

The pipeline itself is a massive project that spans from Edmonton to Burnaby. As we live nearest the latter, I will expose the issues in Burnaby in relation to this project.

Many Burnaby residents do not support this project. Kinder Morgan claims to be honouring Aboriginal peoples and their well-being: “Trans Mountain respects the Aboriginal and treaty rights, unique culture, diversity, languages and traditions of Aboriginal peoples.” (Trans mountain pipeline information)

This is slightly difficult to believe, and I believe most of the Aboriginal people affected by this project would deny the implied amity.

Land disputes are about more than simply owning property. Aboriginal culture respects the land as a being, a sacred part of life, mother-nature is more than a place to build a house or exploit the land for the use of resources. First Nations culture deeply respects the land which we occupy, for spiritual and sacred reasons, there is much more to the land than what meets the eye.

Photo credit: found on flikr creative commons.

“Proposed Expansion.” Proposed Expansion. Kinder Morgan, n.d. Web. 12 Nov. 2015


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