The Squamish people have a very sophisticated culture that includes complex laws and social relations. Due to the geographical location of the Squamish Nation, the nation is very prosperous and is considered a leader in First Nations economic development.

The Suqamish Nation is currently in the third step of the Treaty process to gain full title of their land.

The longhouse is an important staple in the Squamish culture, as it is the meeting place and the location of many sacred ceremonies.



Image from: Squamish.net

“Squamish Nation.” Squamish Nation. 4 Nov. 2015.http://www.squamish.net/about-us/our-culture/

Photo Credit: @HEYNADINE instagram


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  1. The Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre at 4584 Blackcomb Way
    Whistler, BC Canada V0N 1B4 showcases the art, history and culture of the nations in the Sea to Sky area. Their website has excellent resources about the Centre and also has useful links, images, and educational materials. See http://slcc.ca/

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