Residential Schools

As a way of getting the “indian” out of the child, the Canadian government implemented mandatory attendance of residential schools. The main purpose of these establishments was to remove the heritage and traditional culture from  students lives, and assimilate them into western culture. If that alone was done, a tragic social crime would have been committed, but no one would be hurt. Unfortunately that was not all that was done at these schools…Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, paired with neglect and racism made for a volatile environment for a young child. An environment that often led to injury, in some cases death, and in many cases emotional issues later in life.  Approximately 6,000 children died in residential schools.

This entire concept was essentially a cultural genocide and is completely atrocious.

The staff at residential schools across the country abused and neglected young children, forcing them to work long hours and failed to provide the students with proper necessities.

Cover Photo : Study time at Native residential school, (Fort) Resolution, NWT © Public Domain Credit: Library and Archives Canada, PA-042133