Political Organizations

“Canada values and commits itself to compassion, fairness and equity, but for too long it has failed to apply those values, the foundation of our just society, to Indigenous Peoples.” (FineDay)
It is rather unsettling how Canada has wronged the Indigenous Peoples right from the initial stages of colonization.
One thing we often neglect, is the fact that these people were in fact here before most of us, and they had their own methods of politics. Along with this, Indigenous peoples have had a great impact on the way the current politics function through political groups such as: The Union of B.C Indian Chiefs. This particular union is significant in B.C, as the main purpose is to “…protect and further Aboriginal title and rights….and continues to work with and advise provincial government policies regarding Aboriginal relations, title, and rights.” (Community)
There are two main types of influential Aboriginal political organizations, the first is more of a traditional organized political organization such as: The Assembly of First Nations, The First Nations Summit, The Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, The Native Women’s Association of Canada, The Metis National Council, and the Pauktuutit.
The other type of influential First Nations organizations, are more “Direct Actions” (Community) type groups. These include things such as blockades. Some examples of direct action groups are: The Constitution Express, The Gutafsen Lake Standoff, and the Ipperwash Crisis.

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