The Musqueam people are known as people of the river grass, and have been an independent nation for over 4000 years, the Musqueam people have an incredibly rich history.”Today, portions of Musqueam’s traditional territory are called Vancouver, North Vancouver, South Vancouver, Burrard Inlet, New Westminster, Burnaby, and Richmond. ” (Musqueam) Culturally, the kinship system is celebrated as one of the most important values. As kinship was such a pillar in this nation, many families lived together in Big Houses.

moa-village (1)

Photo Credit: UBC Museum of Anthropology

Today, the Big House remains an important gathering place, especially for special cultural ceremonies and events. Traditional marriage ceremonies would be held here, unfortunately today these ceremonies are not legal due to the Indian Act.

Top Photo Credit: Walk for Reconciliation: 2013 Vancouver Musqueam Namwayut ‘We All Are One’ Event by Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Ray Van Eng