Highway of Tears

The Highway of Tears
In British Columbia between Prince Rupert and Prince George, there is a stretch of highway 16 spreading 724 kilometers that is known as the “Highway of Tears”. It has this title, because since 1969 over thirty young women have gone missing. All but one have been young aboriginal women.
Due to the lack of public transit in this area, people without their own vehicle are often hitchhiking, despite pamphlets warning people of the dangers of this choice of transportation.
In 2006, the “Highway of Tears Symposium Recommendations Report offered several suggestions to improve safety along the crucial corridor.” (National Post)
One option is to have it mandatory for Greyhound busses to pull over and pick up vulnerable hitchhikers and offer them a ride at no cost. Another option is a subsidized shuttle bus.
The United Nations human rights officials have pressured Canadian government to call for an inquiry on this topic.
“Four Things to Know about Highway of Tears Scandal, and the Documents B.C. Government Allegedly Deleted.” National Post Four Things to Know about Highway of Tears Scandal and the Documents BC Government Allegedlydeleted Comments. Web. 17 Oct. 2015.


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